As we celebrate Thanksgiving it’s important to pause and express gratitude to people in both your personal and professional lives. The health benefits of gratitude are well documented and many health articles suggest setting aside time on a daily or weekly basis to write down things from your life that you are grateful for. These things could be people, good health, or something as simple as a sunny day.

In your professional life it could be that co-worker who went the extra mile to get you the information you needed, something interesting you learned, or that mentor who’s always available to bounce ideas off of.

One of my greatest passions in life is people. Whether it is meeting people, coaching people, or receiving advice from people, being with others energizes me and helps me grow. I always remember the loved ones, teachers, coaches, and colleagues who put so much time into helping me be my best version of me.

This Thanksgiving take a moment to say thanks to someone who has enriched your life.

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