The Emotionally Intelligent Entrepreneur

Much has been written recently about the ever – growing importance of emotional intelligence in the workplace. As teams become compromised of people across different time zones, and cultures, possessing strong emotional intelligence is even more critical to thrive in the workplace.

Emotional intelligence is especially important in entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurs need to be highly mindful of their own emotions, and the emotions of others. Starting your own business requires grit, the ability to handle set-backs, and valuing small victories.

Additionally, entrepreneurs need to create a work-place where employees can openly and healthily express emotion. Working in young and small companies requires comfort with dealing with ambiguity, healthily managing frustrations, and accepting criticisms in a constructive way. Employees will confront these challenges at large companies as well, but they tend to be more pronounced in smaller companies – where workers are more closely connected to one and other.

Confrontation is a healthy part of the creative process. However, entrepreneurs need to have a framework that enables employees to disagree, but eventually arrive at a consensus in the decision making process. Employees should be encouraged to challenge the ideas of each other, and even the ideas of leadership to a certain extent, but they must do so while maintaining a level of professional respect.

In an economy where entrepreneurs are playing a greater leadership role, it is important that they develop their own, and their employees’ emotional savvy. After all, a major part of doing business is navigating people, and personalities, and the individuals who are good at this tend to give their companies that needed competitive edge.

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